For Christmas a last year my wife bought me a temperature probe from QKits. It uses a three wire sensor. When I got the kit it was in pieces, and I needed to assemble and solder it together. Don’t worry, you can buy it fully assembled. It uses a serial connection to connect to a computer. I had an old laptop sitting around and installed Ubuntu. Sure, I could have used M$ Windows, but I have principals. After spending some time with Google, I found Quozl, who had some source code for a program to retrieve temperatures and put them into a file. I then scripted a way to add the temps to a MySQL database and to also upload the temps to both my website (seen above), and to Twitter. ¬†Using cron, the computer updates the website every fifteen minutes, and Twitter once an hour.

Tweeting was not as easy. As a result of Twitter switching to OAuth, I wrote a Java utility to post the tweet. I used an example from

I was contacted by Amber McArthur to be a guest on Net@Night. I talked with Amber and Leo Laporte about the fridge.