Tech Links

  1. Computer Tips
    1. Backup
      1. Carbonite – We all hate backups or we forget often.  We can use Carbonite and not need to think about it.  I strongly suggest this for high school and college students.  Especially since they loose things like USB/Flash drives and laptops.  For $60 year, it is less expensive than a college book and priceless when someone needs their 50 page paper or tax returns.
    2. Anti-virus
      1. AVG – You don’t need to pay for good anitvirus.  Download and install the FREE features.  Read the install carefully and you will be more protected for little cost.

  1. Kids and parenting on the internet
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    5. Tablets for children
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    7. Can a Parental Notification App End Distracted Teen Driving?
    8. Study: Maltreated Girls More Likely to Engage in Risky Online Behavior
    9. Parent’s Dilemma: Are You Raising Tech-Addicted Kids?