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Happiness Is Just A Flaming Oxy-Fuel Torch Away

“The MarshMallowMatic is a CNC oxy-fuel precision marshmallow toaster based on the Ostrich Egg-Bot design. Constructed from flame-retardant plywood, it is sure to add an element of delicious danger to children’s birthday parties and weekend wingdings alike. ”

Happiness Is Just A Flaming Oxy-Fuel Torch Away.

Here’s a Money-Making Strategy: Save More

“Yeah, if you already have a ton of money, then saving an extra $100 each month won’t make a huge difference. For most of us mere mortals, however, saving a little bit more is going to have a bigger impact than telling ourselves a story that we’re the next great hedge fund manager”

The frightening truth about the security of our healthcare data

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“While Obamacare has made it illegal for U.S. insurers to deny coverage due to preexisting conditions, it’s entirely possible that people could be discriminated against in the hiring process if employers were able to learn about their genetic predispositions. Genetic discrimination is technically illegal in the U.S. and some other countries, but it is very difficult to enforce these regulations and to prevent misuse of data.”

The 3D Economy –


“Last May, Cody Wilson produced an ingeniously brief but nuanced manifesto about individual liberty in the age of the ever-encroaching techno-state-a single shot fired by a plastic pistol fabricated on a leased 3D printer. While Wilson dubbed his gun The Liberator, his interests and concerns are broader than merely protecting the Second Amendment. As Senior Editor Brian Doherty documented in a December reason profile, Wilson is ultimately aiming for the “transcendence of the state.” And yet because of the nature of his invention, many observers reacted to his message as reductively as can be: “OMG, guns!”"

The 3D Economy –

No, Government Computers Won’t Suddenly Be Vulnerable To Hackers On April 8; They Already Are | Techdirt

While technically true (they will be vulnerable after April 8th) what would be a hell of a lot more true is to actually note that they’re extremely vulnerable to hackers today and have been just as vulnerable for years.

No, Government Computers Won’t Suddenly Be Vulnerable To Hackers On April 8; They Already Are | Techdirt.