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Cheboygan – 08-25-2012




This past weekend we traveled to Cheboygan State Park.  It is a big park with a small campground that has a bit more of a rustic feel to it.  It is still a modernish campground, but as a result of it’s small size, it has less of an RV park feel to it.  That is both good and bad.  The good part was, the park was only half full.  The bad part to us was only having 20 amp electrical hook up.  That meant no air conditioning.  Even though it was 90 degrees, the breeze coming off the water was very nice.  We barely missed the A/C.


Our site was small.  It was just wide enough to have the slides and the awning out.  The nice part was there were a bunch of trees between the sites.  There was less for our dogs to bark at.







This weekend was the Adventure Triathlon.  Kayaking, biking, and running.  We were walking on the trails and saw some of the biking.



Later I saw some of the running.




We had a nice view of the water.





After lunch we ran to Cheboygan Brewing.  It is a very new brewery.  At 2:00 in the afternoon, the tasting room was empty.  Luckily for me, one of the owners was working that day and after having a good conversation, he gave me a personal tour of the facility.








Back at the campground, we took the dogs swimming.  The water was very shallow.  Even a couple hundred yards from shore, the water was still only 18 inches deep.




Look carefully and you can see our camper.



We walked to what was left of a light house.




On the way back through the camp ground we saw this retro setup.



When we were setting up camp, we tried to use our back stabilizer jacks.  They are powered by an electric motor.  This weekend, they were powered by a hand crank.  I took the motor off, then disassembled it and water came out.  Hint: water is not supposed to be in an electric motor.  I cleaned it up a bit and noticed a spring for one of the motor brushes rusted and broke.  I dug through my glove box for an old ink pen and stole the spring from it.  Then I snipped a bit of the spring off and put it in the motor to replace the original spring.  It kind of works. I will waterproof it this week and re-install the motor next weekend.




Homemade cheese bread hot off the grill.



Stopped at a truck stop for a fill up.



Last stop was Uncle John’s Cider Mill.  We bought five gallons of cider to make some hard cider.


Traverse City Wrap Up

After spending five nights in the RV, we are seeing how nice of a second home it is.  Not only are we not stuck in a hotel room, we are surrounded by our own belongings.

We have been to Traverse City many times during winter months.  This was the first time we have been there in the summer months.  It was nice to see all the stores open and local attractions being utilized.  If you missed the past posts, here is a recap:

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